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A not for profit organisation and SQA Certified Learning Centre whose primary goal is to reduce poverty and inequality through digital skills education.

Bold was tasked with creating a brand which would have a broad appeal to a wide array of target audiences with different levels of skills, from beginner to expert. These key groups include school leavers looking for a career in programming, business owners who may wish to send employees on digital courses and older people who may need to brush up on their digital skills. 

The challenge when approaching this brand was finding a design solution which satisfied the clients need to appear as a professional and specialist with real acedemic courses, without being too intimated as to close the doors on beginners.

Our solution was to create a clean and simple brand, with could be paired back for B2B outputs or brightened up with a fresh, impactful colour palette for B2C designs. The wide san serif typography follows and imagery style follows up to date design trends with the hope of appealing to the younger audience, especially on social media channels such as Instagram.