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Hansel was founded by Isobel and Tom Murdoch as a socially focused alternative to the medical model that had gone before and was offered to their daughter Lindy. The aim was to align the same human rights for all. The Hansel Village became famous as a beacon of new thinking in care provision in the 60s and though that model has since been superseded the legacy of innovation endures.

Hansel provides person centred support to those with additional needs. Its services are tailored to each individual and their specific needs throughout their life. The standards of which Hansel holds itself to are of the highest quality, with a ‘quality over quantity’ attitude to everything they do. The organisation believes that everyone has value and can contribute to society if given the proper opportunities, whatever their range of abilities.

When they approached Bold, Hansel was in need of an updated brand and visual style. Hansel had long since changed from its old model and needed to appear ahead of the curve and forward thinking, Our job was to create a design solution that properly reflect the new reality of the organisation.

When approaching the brand we wanting to envoke a sense of freedom, joy, expression as well as the key location of Ayrshire without losing the already established brand recognition of the old brand. The solution was to create a logomark with a double meaning. The symbol for the new brand can be viewed in two different ways. It can be viewed as a bird soaring freely past the sun, envoking freedom and the location of the village in a seaside area. The second view is a person jumping for joy and expressing themselves. 

This was then pulled together with a lively bright colour palette and comissioned photography which showed the personal, tailored care and the level of specialised care that Hansel offers its users.

The new brand was then rolled out over a freshly designed website, marketing materials and internal signage.