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Together for Childhood is a NSPCC longterm project working with local communities to make them safer for children. They help local partners and families come together to prevent abuse and tackle the problems that cause it, head-on. The Govan based project highlights family issues arising as a result of parents in adversity, largely with the root cause of poverty. Due to partnerships involved and the need to openly discuss issues with families, it was important that brand did not mirror or be related to the NSPCC master brand. The project deals mainly with pre-birth and early years.

The branding created focussed on the community as a foundation of this initiative using recognisable toy building blocks to shape a friendly face. The interchangeable elements and vibrant patterns allow for a flexible brand system across various platforms.

“Just to say again – the feedback we’ve had on this new brand has been so positive. Our senior management team are really impressed with it and it’s already being put to use.”

- Georgina Maisey, Senior Communications Officer NSPCC