Bold is a full-service agency. In other words, we are a one-stop shop for all your branding, design, publication and advertising needs. We can also apply our creative aptitude to the unspecified areas that make your business or organisation unique. Please click on the headings below for more detail.

Our Approach

First and foremost we are a design agency that employs experienced and qualified designers.  With a mutual interest in promoting social impact for Scotland, the team aims to set a new benchmark for not for profit design standards. We are focused on our sector, on brand authenticity and we are always focused on the core objectives of the job. 

Typical Products

Our real skill lies in taking time with our clients and helping them to think through the problem. However it is worth mentioning that although we can design just about anything (passenger aircraft excluded), the bulk of our day to day work fits around these main areas.


Branding is our core business. We care about it deeply and we do it very well. Built on the solid foundations of in-depth workshops, we are able help you to communicate your value, be strong and thrive. On a strategic level we work with you to draw out and articulate your brand and find ways to make it chime with your audience. We use our design pedigree to create visual systems that will carry your brand personality through to the end user cutting through the noise and getting noticed. A Bold rebrand is typfied by our emotional investment in your success, a deep understanding, inspiration, options, discussion, frankness, logic and flare. You should come out the other side feeling refreshed, confident and elevated.

We create the latest generation of websites. Designed from the ground up to carry your brand, fulfil the expectations of your audience and to give the impression you need online. Our 3-step process leads to a robust, logical and adaptable website that will stand the test of time and inspire confidence in your organisation to service users, customers and policy makers alike. We will take you through or planning process, UX (user experience) development, UI (user interface) design, coding and build. If you have in-house coding capacity we can also provide a design only service. All our websites look fabulous and work beautifully because they are based on visitor behavour and logic.

Bold is developing a reputation as a quality animation studio. Making use of our illustration skills and inspired storyboarding - we are able to create short impactful animations that catch attention and elevate your brand's standing. These can be used to tell a thousand words in a few minutes or seconds, explaining a concept in a succinct and engaging way. We can create characters and narratives that will capture imaginations and produce the final ourput as an artstic and creative movie file that can used on your website, social media or projected at conferences and events. Contact us with you idea and we will be happy to chat it through with you.

Annual or impact reporting is a golden opportunity to show your value. We help you to capitalise on that opportunity by creating documents you can be proud of - that people will actually want to read. Nice design, engaging photography and thoughtful diagrams and infographics will all contribute to a positive impression that can be used to reach much further than your immediate circle and help plant seeds for future success and a happy long life for your organisation. For new clients we ideally want you to speak to us with a month's lead time so that we can have the space to create.

Don't take our word for it. See what OSCR has to say in this fascinating video presentation on Telling your charity's story with impact.

We can create graphics to support a campaign of any kind. This will often be a social media campaign to support key messaging push. We can design and develop a suite of graphics including SIPs (single image posts), carousel graphics, 6-10s animated ads, animated MPUs, banners and skyscrapers that will fit and work across all platforms. Or you might want help planning a push across your anniversary year with a special sub logo and suite of assets to help engage with your target audeiences and elevate your brand perception. We can help with outside the box thinking to come up with and implement unique and unusual ideas that will really grab attention and support PR efforts.

You may not need a full rebrand. Maybe your branding at its core is good, but it has lost its way, and is not doing the job it should. Or maybe the organisation has changed direction or focus. Maybe it has been designed long ago and you have built up brand equity with that look - but just wish it looked better.

We can audit your existing brand and provide a roadmap to a brand development exercise that will rejuvinate your existing brand and leave you intact but refreshed. This may include a proper rethink of the meaning of the brand, minor tweaks to the logo, fresh thinkings and development of a new graphical system to allow the branding to shine and articulation of the brand in a brand guidelines document. If you think about any established brand you know, you will notice that every few years they go through a subtle chage to stay ahead of the game.

As an organisation we are judged on what people know of us. This means we have the opportunity to present ourselves well at conferences and events, trade shows, meetings and visits. As an organisation you will often need items to carry your brand that you can show, offer and leave with people that create the right impression. This will typically include a well designed brochure or leaflet, postcards, business cards, roller banners, a backdrop or a whole look for your trade stall. Wandering round any trade show you can easily tell the good from the lacklustre and we can help to make you the good.

The marketing strategy should be built on the foundations of the brand strategy. We can work with you to achieve a well thought through and practical marketing plan that can act as your routemap for the coming years, making sure you have a thought through and costed plan for getting your message out there and being heard. These will consist of a discovery session and lots of research and insight as well as close contact throughout the project. At the end you will have signed off a concise and practical marketing plan that will keep things on track for years to come.