The Rockfield Centre

Design    Branding   

Transforming a former victorian school in the town centre into a new focal point for locals and visitors with investment from HIE. We conducted brand workshops via zoom with staff and stakeholders in order to create a winning brief - then brought back our shorlist of design routes. The result was grounded in the idea of a big red door that had been the entrance for many years and was preserved in the architects plans. The symbolism chimed with everyone in the workshop and also inspired lots of 'opening the doors' type messaging which really suited their vision. This has created a design system that both Bold and The Rockfield Centre can be proud of and will set them up as a 5 star attraction in Oban for the coming decade.

Another aspect of this project is the bilingual nature of the area. The client felt a strong need not have Gaelic be a byline or play second fiddle to English. As such we created a suite of assets which allowed both languagues to have the same precense in the brand. Logos and taglines where created in both languages to allow easy switching as well a joint logo to be used for formal funding applications and documents.

"Great team, friendly and helpful who just got what we needed"

- Eleanor MacKinnon - Operational Manager - The Rockfield Centre